Electrotek is a PCB manufacturer focused on the high-reliability and high-technology markets.
Their board processing technologies include Micro vias (drilled), blind and buried vias, high layer count, mixed material constructions, sequential laminations, heavy copper and controlled impedance boards.
Applications include Medical, Military, Planar Magnetics, communications and memory marketplaces.
Materials include Flex/Rigid Flex; rf/mw(Rogers, Isola,Megtron6,I-Tera), Al clad/Thermal, LCP/PEEK/Kapton
Key features for consideration:


New equipment and capability includes a “Machvision” line width and “Acu-gage” dimensional measuring instrumentation ensures Electrotek’s historically high quality record remains intact and continues to improve.
We look forward to reviewing your PCB requirements, especially if you are in need of a legitimate Quick-Turn production facility that is poised to take your design from on-time prototypes to reject-free production.

Website and on-line quotes: www.boards4u.com

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+ Narda-Miteq ( an L3 company) has recently acquired Advanced Technical Materials (ATM)

Narda-Miteq ( an L3 company) has recently acquired Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) of Patchogue , NY.,

and in doing so has retained Rf Associates to provide sales support for their products in the New England territory. ATM (www.atmmicrowave.com) was founded in 1990 and is a precision microwave component engineering and manufacturing company providing a wide range of RF and Microwave components up through 60 Ghz. Product capabilities include both Coaxial and Waveguide technologies:
Coaxial: Variable and Fixed attenuators, Phase Shifters and Line Stretchers, Power and Hybrid Dividers/Combiners, Directional couplers, MW Noise sources and Flexible coax cables.
Waveguide: Rectangular(WR) and Double Ridge (WRD), Rigid , Flexible WG, Directional couplers (Crossguide, Loop and Multihole,), WG to Coax Adapters and Horn Antennas, Terminations, Windows, Quick Disconnects and Arc Detectors.
ATM keeps an ample amount of product in stock for quick-turn requirements, and can customize any standard product…or design from scratch….to meet your performance requirements and schedule needs. They also have products that are Qualified for Space Applications.
Please keep ATM in mind for any of your System or Test & Measurement applications, and let us know how we can best support your current and upcoming requirements.

+ Welcome Networks International Corp (NIC) to the RFA family

Welcome Networks International Corp (NIC) to the RFA family of State-of-the-Art Products and Services!

Rf Associates is pleased to have been selected by Networks International of Overland Park, KS to lead their sales presence for New England.

For over 20 years, NIC has been a leading manufacturer of RF and MW filters and filter assemblies, including complex Switch Filter banks, Multiplexers and Diplexers. The filter product line consists of Lumped Component, Ceramic, and Crystal filters in connectorized, SMT and miniature packages. In addition to producing specialized components featuring Delay, Phase and Amplitude Equalization, they are qualified to produce components for Space applications and are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

We look forward to reviewing your requirements for new and challenging applications, or for competitive 2nd sourcing opportunities.  You can send your specs to us at sales@rfassociates-ne.com or view NIC”s webpage at www.nickc.com.

+ Narda Microwave-East
Narda Microwave-East (a division of L-3 Communications) has completed their acquisition of MITEQ, Inc., a manufacturer of an extensive range of advanced RF/microwave components, as well as products for Satellite communication applications. Both companies are located in Hauppauge, N.Y., which will continue to be their headquarters and base of operations.

The combined entity will be known as L-3 Narda-Miteq, and will be part of L-3 Com's Advanced Communications sector.

Both companies have complimentary products that support requirements for Military and Hi-Rel/Space applications. Miteq will bring capabilities such as Low-Noise amplifiers, mixers and switches, as well as a strong engineering talent pool to the relationship. In addition to a broad product line of active and passive RF/microwave components, Miteq offers low-power SATCOM products for space and military applications. SATCOM products include components for airborne and Earth Station systems, as well as solid-state power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, uplink power control units and frequency converters.

While both companies have been utilizing their component design resources to design and develop a diverse line of Integrated Microwave Assemblies, their combined talent pool will be able to allow them to broaden their exposure and ability to pursue opportunities requiring higher levels of technology and integration. Their strength in this area will allow them to target IMA's of where packaging, multi-functionality, frequency range and reliability are at a premium.

The new website can be found at www.nardamiteq.com; and MITEQ products, including those purchase on-line through their WebStore can still be done at www.miteq.com.

We are excited about the combination of these two well-known technology leaders of the RF/Microwave industry, and we look forward to working with them to provide the best-of-class service to our marketplace for their products. If we can answer any questions or provide further assistance, please contact us at sales@rfassociates-ne.com, or call us 978.887.9762.